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Corporate governance Bionet

The system of corporate governance of Bionet OJSC is aimed at creating and maintaining reliable and trustful relations with potential investors and shareholders, which contributes to the investment attractiveness of Bionet OJSC and the receipt by its shareholders and investors of the maximum return on their investments in the long term.

Currently, the management system of JSC Bionet is represented by the Sole Shareholder, which is the highest management body of the Company, formed by the decision of the Sole Shareholder by the Board of Directors, which, in accordance with the Company's Charter and the Regulations on the Board of Directors, makes decisions on the most significant issues arising in the course of operation The Company, and the sole executive body - the General Director, whose competence, in accordance with the Company's Charter, includes the decision of all the companies Of the issues that arise in the process of implementing the Company's financial, business and operational activities.

The sole shareholder of Bionet OJSC on February 7, 2017 decided to elect the Board of Directors of Bionet OJSC in a new composition.

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Grischenko Sergey Valentinovich



Pyshny Vyacheslav Anatolyevich