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Ecology biomass - black wood pellets

Ecology biomass

Wood pellet mill Bionet proposes to use one of the types of renewable energy sources - biomass wood residual. When it is burned, CO2 emissions are neutral for the atmosphere, which allows reducing the influence of greenhouse gases in the environment.

In most cases, energy is produced by burning fossil fuels, in which millions of tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere, and the forests of the planet are also destroyed. Reducing the impact of greenhouse gases on the ecology pellets biomass of the environment is possible with the reduction of the use of fossil energy sources and the transition to the use of renewable energy.

The specialists of the company together with leading western producers have developed a unique technology for utilization of hydrolytic lignin, which allows to obtain fuel pellets with higher values of calorific value, moisture resistance and strength in relation to standard black wood pellets. The uniqueness of the technology lies in the fact that pellets "Bionet" are made only from wood residual products of timber processing.

The plant produces products of high ecological standard, but in addition it is built on the desire to clean the native land of environmentally hazardous repositories with wood residual from the Soviet hydrolysis industry.