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New shipment of batch of products of the company "Bionet"


April 19, 2017 at the plant for the production of fuel pellets (pellets) "Bionet" was another shipment of a consignment of finished products. As before, Onega pellets will be transported by rail to the port of St. Petersburg, then by sea transport to the buyer, to France.

Unlike the previous dispatch, a new batch of pellets was packed in MKR (big bags - containers for bulk materials). Work on packing and loading of products was carried out in the shortest time by the employees of the enterprise.

The clear and coordinated work of the team as a single living organism, the full return of the technological line and mechanisms allowed this shipment to take place.

The management of the company expresses its gratitude to the employees of the sales and marketing department, the logistics department, the quality control department, the legal and contract department, the transportation and raw materials sector. Special thanks to the production department and the site of registration and shipment of finished products.





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